Church of Soccorso

The island is of volcanic origin (being at one time connected with the mainland area of Campi Flegrei) and is the largest island in the Gulf of Naples; it is famous for its vegetation (vines, fruit trees, pines), extremely mild climate, and blue sea, as well as for the therapeutic value of its thermal springs.
The island is divided into 6 municipalities - all beautiful places also of artistic importance. Of particular interest are the Castle, an imposing edifice with sectors dating from different historical epochs; the Cathedral, built in 1301 and restored many times in subsequents centuries; the Church of the Immaculate Conception in the form of a Greek Cross; the shrine of S.Restituta built at Lacco Ameno on early Christian remains; the Church of St.Vito at Forio di Ischia; and the Municipal Thermal Baths at Ischia Porto. The boat trip round the island is very beautiful, with views of the wonderfully varied shoreline and of its cliffs, stupendous beaches and bays.