Genuine poached Polyps


(from "Neapolitan cooking" by M.G. Fasulo Rak)

The genuin polyps are recognized from the double line of suckers on the tentacles. They are more tasty and fragrant then those of deep.
This recipe fragrant of the garlic, of the tomato and of the cooking in the pot of carthenware give taste also to the polyps less appreziated.
You clear the polyps of the inside bag and of the beak, wash them and put in a carthenware pot with the oil, the tomato, the garlic, a pinch of salt and the pepper. You cover well and cook on slow fire till the polyps are tender and the sauce thickened (approx. 3/4 of hour).
You add the milled parsley 10 minutes before the end of the cooking. You discover the pot rarely and quickly to not disperse the fragrance.
In the same way you can cook the mullets, decreasing the time of cooking to abt. 20 minutes.