Mixed Fried Fish


(from "Neapolitan cooking" by M.G. Fasulo Rak)

Besides of the mullets, prawns, cuttlefishes and squids, that usually compose the mixture of fried fish, you can add the variety that you like more.
For example, the small cools, the sardines and sales or that mixture of minute fishes that alone can constitute a frying. Particularly fragrant and tasty is the frying with the newborns of mullets.
You clean and wash the fishes leaving them complete, except cuttlefishes and the squids that you will cut to small rings.
Dry them, flour them and fry them in hot abundant oil, separately according to the variety, in the temperature not too high.
You put the fried bit by bit on the paper that absorb the greasy in excess and you add salt.
You serve it hot, decorated with the lemon segments.